Mzimu Wa Kupost Picha Za Utupu Waiandama Familiya Ya Kim Kadashian..Huya Hapa Kourtney Kardashian Naye Kapost Picha


Tabia ya kukaa utupu mitandaoni sio Kim Kardashian pekee yake bali dada yake Kourtney Kardashian anatabia hiyo.

Kourtney ambaye ni mama wa watoto watatu ameachia picha yake akiwa mtupu katika mtandao wa kijamii wa Instagram na kujikuta akipokea matusi kwa baadhi ya mashabiki zake.

Baadhi ya maneno aliyoambiwa mrembo huyo baada ya kupost picha yake na kuandika fitness week, on my app 🌿”

” mimshark_officialsWhat the fuck is this world turning too a mother with 3 kids has no shame n respect for her body naked post in public I feel Petty for Doe’s kids imaging if you the mother was the one to see your own very Mom naked and what shame it will be from ur friends in school talkx an making fun about it how would you feel or react to that for me you have long passed this level not to talk much you are even the oldest among you sister is this the legacy you love to passed on for generation this is crazy ,I think 24 hour is enough for you to delete this post

rastamanswife.420fitness week. u re naked on tha pic. #itsallaboutcash #humanitydoesntexist go to ur little girl or boy or whatever instead of taking photo shoots all the time. embarassing.”


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