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Terms and conditions of the blog

  • This blog is called ROBENGO16
  • The blog found in Tanzania and is of international one that operates all over the World
  • The blog shall be under the control of the blogger himself and not any other person for his liability
  • The blog is abiding with the customs and laws of domestic and international law for its operations
  • The views/customers should be aware with this terms and conditions while using this blog
  • the blog deals with advertisements of different businesses and services that are legal
  • A blogger shall not be able to publish any advertisement requested by customers unless pay in full the required amount or as agreed by the blogger
  • The one who comment by publish his business or service or immoral things should be made liable to pay fine/imprisonment as required by the media law and other laws
  • A blogger shall not be made liable for the tort/wrong that have been committed by the customers/views
  • Customers/views should be made liable to any wrong/tort committed either negligently or otherwise while using this blog
  • In case of any disputes concerning with the blog, will employ amicable/peaceful means of settling it
  • The customers should tolerate for some minutes for his advertisement to be published in this blog
  • A blogger should not be made liable for any wrong/tort that is of act of God/natural calamities that affects the blog
  • The terms and conditions of this blog may change at any time with the prier information to customers to fit the needs and demands of customers and development of science and technology
  • A blogger will perform his duties for the best interests of his customers
  • The customer is required to perform his functions for the best interest of the blog
  • Customers not accept to conduct any business/services in this blog unless read and understand all terms and conditions for his rights and liabilities in case of breach